New website under construction

We are working on a new website that is more linked with our name. Stay tuned for more info when the site is online.

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First Album

Finally our first album is completed Our first album is now available. We donate a share of the profit to The Dutch Cancer Society (KWF) Go to the shop on our website to order yours  

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Because you believe

Added new song here and on reverbnation. This is a country song.  

To all the girls i’ve loved before

Finaly, clip now also here to see. Check our site. Together with Marco Hemelrijk  (producer and country singer) We recorded a cover.

Duet with country singer and producer Marco Hemelrijk

At the moment we are working, double-up and Marco Hemelrijk, on a classic duet. Marco Hemelrijk is a dutch country singer and producer of many artists, videoclip and song wil be shortly available, the song is finished, but i’m working hard to get the clip done 😉  

Finally the duet song is finished, In every story of my life is at the moment uploaded at reverbnation. Soon a video will be availeble of this song.

Reverbnation Double-up & Daan

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